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Silicon Valley, CA (April 2020) - For Immediate Release – Rotraut Klein-Moquay is a German-French artist, known for her unique drawings and sculptures made out of marble, iron, aluminum, bronze, wood or plastic. She has participated in several solo and group shows since 1958 and her work is represented in numerous public collections in the U.S. and Europe, including Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Rotraut, aged 19, met and worked for French artist Yves Klein, the European Andy Warhol, in 1958, subsequently marrying him in 1962 until his untimely death five months later. She continues to represent his legacy, yet has produced her own stamp on the world through her own art and sculptures.

Rotraut started out as a painter but came to realize that the images she created had a special personality, essentially demanding a life outside the frame for them to freely unfold. It was in the 90s that she began to take an interest in sculpture, and in particular monumental sculpture for which she experimented with different materials. Despite the large volumes, these large silhouettes with clean lines give the feeling of movement and lightness, especially those in aluminum painted in bright colors, and bring cheerfulness to their environment. In her works, Rotraut has always celebrated nature, love, life.

When you look at the broader range of her work over the years you can see that her image-making evolves out of her own personal vocabulary, imprinted as it is by her memories but of course also by the encounters and experiences with other practices such as Yves Klein and numerous other art and sculpture influences throughout her life. She once said, “My art comes out of my inner self and expresses total freedom.”

Hers is a long journey: from the Baltic to the Pacific, via Paris and Phoenix. Yet, like Klein, her horizons are unlimited, her imagination unfiltered and her creative prowess, recognizable throughout the world. “I always think that Yves Klein is with me when I create art. This is also the case for sculptures. He was the first one to recognize the sculptor in me."

Rotraut will have two sculptures on the Menlo College Campus for the Silicon Valley Sculpture Art Fair in September, 2020, and a third sculpture will be at Park James Hotel.

About Menlo College

Historically Menlo College has roots that fall back to Faxon Dean Atherton and his wife Dominga. The Oak studded campus was once the elegant home and ranch of this early California family. The Atherton’s large family home became the center of a growing community. Together Faxon and Dominga exhibited all the stubbornness, optimism, and can do spirit that is the root of all the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who came later.

When discussing the event, Steven A. Weiner, President of Menlo College, said “The Menlo College community of scholars, alumni, trustees, and students join me in looking forward to the opportunity to host the first Silicon Valley Sculpture fair. The beauty of our campus makes for an ideal setting of a celebration and showcase of art, and we are proud to provide people from throughout the Bay Area and beyond an opportunity to celebrate the talents of participating artists.”

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